LifeSpan PhytAlive! Extreme™ FAQs

1. Is PhytAlive! Extreme™ Approved by the FDA and is it safe

Let's get right to the point... PhytAlive! Extreme™ is classified as a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA but, they are regulated by the FDA. These regulations are in product labeling guidelines and marketing language. Due to the overall lack of regulation, it would be wise for individuals to align themselves with a trusted and reputable company when choosing dietary supplements for the support of their health.
PhytAlive! Extreme

Each lot of PhytAlive! Extreme™ goes through exhaustive testing to validate its safety and stability. Every incoming raw ingredient, in-process batch and outgoing finished product lot is thoroughly tested. Additionally, exhaustive production documentation on every batch/lot/raw ingredient as tested in part but not limited to, heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, steroids, MSG, Gluten, allergens, bacteria, particular carrier substances, yeast, and several others and are guaranteed to be free of any of these substances. Additional testing verifies the consistency and accuracy of product label claims.

2. How much PhytAlive! Extreme™ can I consume?

PhytAlive! Extreme™ is an extraordinarily safe nutraceutical/dietary supplement. Countless individuals, teenagers, middle-aged adults and seniors throughout the United States and Canada have been using it safely and effectively. PhytAlive! Extreme™ is formulated to therapeutic grade quality and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. It is NOT simply a drink or a juice. It is an authentic "Liquid Nutritional Supplement" and, as such, it is recommended that individuals should not exceed 4 ounces daily, unless directed by their health care professional.

3. Can Children drink PhytAlive! Extreme™?

Children, generally under the age of 18, experience some of the most important and dramatic changes to their bodies during this period. These changes establish the foundation for their future health. Proper nutrition, exercise and rest are of paramount importance. During this developmental phase, it is recommended that a close relationship be developed between your Child and his/her health care professional. While there are numerous Children under 18 who regularly consume PhytAlive! Extreme™ we recommend that your health care professional have the final say in your Child consuming PhytAlive! Extreme™.

4. Can Pregnant or Nursing Mothers drink PhytAlive! Extreme™?

Pregnant and nursing Mothers have multiple changes occurring in their bodies and, for that reason, many health care professionals place their patients on specific regimens. As such, LifeSpan recommends that pregnant or nursing Mothers consult their personal healthcare professionals before starting PhytAlive! Extreme™ or any nutritional supplement regimen.

5. What is the BEST way to take/use PhytAlive! Extreme™ to get the BEST results?

Using PhytAlive! Extreme™ is easy and straightforward. First- Make a promise to yourself to consume PhytAlive! Extreme™ for at least 90 full days. Second- During this 90 day period, consume 1-2 ounces daily as a "Comprehensive Nutritional Foundation." Many people will divide their daily dosage into two equal amounts, first dose in the AM and the second dose in the PM. The PhytAlive! Extreme™; formula is rich and highly concentrated. Some people prefer to blend PhytAlive! Extreme™ with a purified water. (blending PhytAlive! Extreme™ with purified water, does not reduce its efficacy as you still drink the entire volume of PhytAlive! Extreme™ ) Third- Unless directed by your health care provider, there is no need to consume more than 4 ounces per 24 hour day. Fourth- As required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, "This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information offered herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. Consult your personal health care professional before starting this or any nutritional supplement." Fifth - Following just two months of using PhytAlive! Extreme™, to build your nutritional foundation, assess your success. As you continue using PhytAlive! Extreme™ maintain your evaluations.

6. Are there any "Contraindications" with PhytAlive! Extreme™ and my Medication(s)?

PhytAlive! Extreme™ has not shown any contraindications with medications. It is recommended that individuals CONSULT their personal healthcare professional before starting PhytAlive! Extreme™ or any dietary supplement regimen, specifically if they are on multiple medications. Regarding blood thinning medications, PhytAlive! Extreme™ does NOT contain Vitamin K (Vitamin K has been shown to interfere with blood thinning medications). It is recommended that individuals on multiple medications only consume 1 ounce daily unless directed otherwise by their healthcare professional.

7. I have allergies. Can I drink PhytAlive! Extreme™ if I am allergic to one of the ingredients?

Anyone who is allergic to any ingredient in PhytAlive! Extreme™ should contact your professional health care provider for advice.

8. What will PhytAlive! Extreme™ do for me?

PhytAlive! Extreme™ is considered by professional health care providers to be the "Ultimate Nutritional Insurance Plan." It provides a "Comprehensive Liquid Nutritional Foundation." As such, the primary purpose of PhytAlive! Extreme™ is to fill today's "Nutritional Void." Following are just a few benefits believed to come from PhytAlive! Extreme™:
     → Support Cellular Energy
     → Help promote superior Nutritional Bioavailability
     → Excellent source of Essential Nutrients
     → Support Heart and Organ health
     → Support Bone and Joint health
     → Help Regulate Immune health
     → Help counteract damaging free radicals which can accelerate aging
Thousands of people report a variety of improvements in their daily activities ranging from, mood enhancement, pain reduction, clarity of thought, heightened alertness, ability to focus, sound and refreshing sleep, etc.

9. How soon will I see/feel results after drinking PhytAlive! Extreme™?

Because PhytAlive! Extreme™ is a supplement, results will vary. Some people will notice rapid results, some people will notice positive changes that will begin within a few hours, and others will notice changes in a couple days. Some people will use PhytAlive! Extreme™ for a week or two, not notice anything significant, stop and within 1-3 days feel lethargic, return of symptoms, aches etc. that they hadn't noticed were entirely eliminated. Everyone's system/body awareness is different, and as such our bodies will respond differently to significant improvements in nutrition.

10. How fast is PhytAlive! Extreme™ absorbed into our body?

This is an area where PhytAlive! Extreme™ performs head and shoulders above all others in the broadest base of human systems. The PhytAlive! Extreme™ formula is rapidly absorbed into your body because we use Ultra Purified Water. Being in a liquid state and made from Fruits, Berries and Vegetables high in natural enzymes, formulated in a proprietary process where any proteins are broken down into their respective amino acids during the production process makes it easier to be absorbed and utilized by the body. It is also safe and NON-GMO, Pesticide Free, Herbicide Free, Insecticide Free, Steroid Free, MSG and Gluten Free.

Due to the variations in individual metabolisms, forecasting a specific "time' for absorption will vary from person to person. According to the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) "85 percent to 90 percent of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 seconds to 30 seconds. The National Advisory Board states that 100 milligrams consumed in tablet form translates into a concentration of only 8.3 percent in the blood.

11. Does PhytAlive! Extreme™ contain Animal products?

There are no animal products or derivatives in PhytAlive! Extreme™.

12. Should PhytAlive! Extreme™ be Refrigerated?

PhytAlive! Extreme™ contains natural ingredients, therefore, once PhytAlive! Extreme™ is opened, we highly recommended that you place it in your refrigerator that it be consumed within 45 days to ensure effectiveness. It is not required that PhytAlive! Extreme™ be refrigerated if it is not opened. However, as with all Fruits, Berries and Vegetables, we do recommend that you keep PhytAlive! Extreme™ out of extreme heat (example, in your car on a hot summer day in the sun).

13. Are preservatives or artificial dyes, colors or flavors used in the manufacturer of PhytAlive! Extreme™?

Due to the sophisticated selection process of the ingredients in PhytAlive! Extreme™, we are proud to say that no artificial preservatives are used in its manufacturer. Only the purest and safest ingredients are used. PhytAlive! Extreme™ does NOT contain any form of artificial dyes, colors or flavors. The rich tasting flavor of PhytAlive! Extreme™ is the result of properly blending the appropriate combination of Fruits, Berries and Vegetables.

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